Mar 12 2014
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How does this happen?

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I swear, every time ND supposedly "patches" the netcode the same thing happens.


                                       My team


                                Other team



As you can imagine, the lag was horrendous with people teleporting, gliding, not dying from 100 bullets, ghost melees etc. Not surprisingly, they won. Also, another story, I was playing the day before and I started shooting someguy and he got one hit on me, ok cool it was fair. Next after downing him, he eventually died (obviously) and I was about a good 30 feet away from his body then when all of a sudden boom, I got hit with a 2x4 and I got downed. He was dead for around 10 seconds by that time, how much laggier can it get?  Back to the point, so what's up with this? Why does it still occur often? Will the matchmaking ever be fixed?


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