Jun 27 2013
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@ Go big horns game will not load!

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Two nights ago I saved my game at "Go Big Horns". When I went to play yesterday the game wouldn't load. (Just the dust screen). I tried restarting the chapeter which worked until I killed the runners, and turned on the generator. I went to get the note off the wall by the door and it wouldn't load when I tried to read it. The gate did not open either. Gamestop even let me return the disc for a new copy but that didn't help. The manager said that psn did an update the other night which may have corrupted the save but a new copy usually helps. I'm not seeing many others with this issue at all and I am getting really aggrivated because I dont get alot of time to play. I'd really like to finish the game before I deploy in a few weeks. PLEASE HELP!
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Re: @ Go big horns game will not load!

Jul 1, 2014

I have a problem in the same chapter, but ahead of the gate.
In the Science Building.

When i get there, the game kinda crashes and loads only part of the stage leaving some rooms in the AIR, and well, right after going to the 2nd floor the game has no more stage so i can't go ahead and its a Stop. 

I though there was some kind of issue with some update, cose haven't played main story in a while (I only got back to it to make do the new "Grounded" dificulty wich by the way is not that much higher than "Survivor").

Need help on this too. I would gues Noughty Dog must release some update to the game so we can load the level completly.

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