Dec 30 2014
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Game won't load, then crashes

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Same problem as everyone else. The game shows up on the xmb but when I try to start, I get an error code and and it won't start. Prior to this I had this same problem but after a system rebuild, file data rebuild, then a disconnect from the internet, I got it to work. That happened after 70 something % complete. Then at 99% complete, the game crashes each and every single time Joel goes to exit the elevator. I tried everything as suggested in other posts. Nothing. Then suddenly the game refused to load again on the xmb. The original fix doesn't work. This also happened to me with Uncharted 3. For a Sony owned company, this is embarassing is it not? I love the game but I can't even finish it...and it takes such effort to make the thing work right out of the box. I'm dissapointed. No other game I own has ever had this issue and everything else works fine. I've been with you guys since Crash Bandicoot, then followed to jak and Daxter and Uncharted, cute easter eggs in TLOU btw. I don't see myself buying anymore faulty products right out of the gate from you though. It's been six months, figure it out.

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