Jul 23 2013
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Game is making me **bleep** off..

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This is game the worst glitching game i have ever played. It is not possible for me to play this game for more then 5-8 minutes before something stranges happens like :


- main character can't be moved by the controler anymore, need to fight or pull out my gun to walk

- loading crashes

- waiting screens where the counter in % does not increase anymore

- soundbugs

- falling through floors ending up somewhere below the ground

- crashing a lot


I want to play this game and it does not want me to play it. It's horrible. Seen the comments on this board i am not the only one who is feeling the pain.


I have a fat ps3 with the ps2 compatible engine inside and a changed HD of 320 GB. No other game does this as this game. When i want to quite a failed loading session or a crash then the ps3 gives me a beep and reboots.


I am about to sell this game as there is absolute no reaction anymore from naughtydog about the issues this game has and at least some confirmations about the situation. 


Where are the developers ?? Why is it that there most of the time not one of the developers stating facts or informing us about the situation. I guess this might have someting to do with the sales curves. ..I 

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Re: Game is making me **bleep** off..

Jul 23, 2013

I am now at the point my save game won't load anymore. it's stuck at 13 %....

I have a feeling that at the time i got glitched in the floor the game autosaved that location and now when i am trying to load in my save game the game starts to go into a panic mode because the save game is trying to do someting which is not allowed.


I never stop a game due to my actions. It always stops when a bug appears and i do not wanna play the game anymore.

Naughtydogg should add a function for players to stop auto save. period..

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