Mar 22 2014
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Game freezes + Savegame won't load at "Hydroelectric Plant"

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I've been searching all over the place, but none of the offered solutions did work for me.

I bought a PS3 Super Slim + TLOU Bundle recently and was looking forward to play the well criticized game.

And it was a nice experience, until I reached the Level "Hydroelectric Plant"

For whatever reason, the game freezes(black screen, but I can push the Start Button and enter the menu, but it wont let me skip the video) when it tries to load the video-sequence, that should start after fighting my way to Elli and Maria, in the raid after my talk with Tommy.

My last working savegame is right before entering Tommy's office(for the private talk). every other savegame after that fail to load.

PS3 and TLOU have the latest patches, tried with and without internet connection on, etc.

But nothing helps...  Smiley Sad

I really want to play this game through

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