Aug 20 2013
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Died and couldn't respawn (Supply Raid)

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I was playing Supply Raid match (public) and everything was fine (and in the other matches i've played before this match) until I got blown up by someone's planted bomb and i couldn't respawn! I was just lying on the ground, I couldn't even spectate! The only thing I could do is push start and leave game! Instead of that I kept watching myself and the other guy that blew up with me lying on the ground hoping that I'll respawn sooner or later. And a few minutes later the game kicked me out to the lobby with the message "You have been returned to the menu due to inactivity".

System: 80GB FAT PAL (320GB Hitachi HDD)

Region: Russia, but I bought the game in US PSN Store (for more gore Smiley Tongue)

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