Aug 27 2013
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Cutscenes Blackscreen Problem Posible Solution

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As I posted in other similar topic I had this problem. I started wondering why would this still happened after deleting the patch 1.02, reintalling the patch 1.02, putting the subtitles on and off. Well, I decided to take a look to the PS3 config. Looking for a reason I got to the screen resolution. I put it on real 1080 p and set the hdmi to complete (it was in limited).

the thing is the game not only load in 30 seconds, the cutscenes played well. I played everyone of them since the beginng of the financial district to the sewers in the beach with no problem. The only thing I did was to remove the subtitles when I thing the cutscene is going to begin. I'll try not to and I'll let you know.


Also my game is a Region 2


Hope it helps Smiley Wink

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Re: Cutscenes Blackscreen Problem Possible Solution

Aug 27, 2013

Thank you so much for the info. I was having the same issue with U3 and this has helped plus the game looks so much better to boot as I have a very expensive large flat screen TV. I have no Idea Y the HDMI would have a limited setting unless its for the cheap crap TV's..... Thank you  SergioGiulliano

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