Mar 12 2014
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Conscientious objector in TLOU MP

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A conscientious objector (CO) is an "individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service" on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, and/or religion.


Has anyone tried a playstyle were you don't kill people?


It can be done: give gifts, revive, heal, mark enemies, etc.


But how would you deal with a situation were the enemy is reviving his teammate and you have to kill him or it will cost you. This is the moral dilemma.


Oh I know, chain smoke bomb enemy till your ally comes and kills them Smiley Happy That can be a loophole in this playstyle.


I am going to try this out and see how it works lol.


/discuss I guess

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Re: Conscientious objector in TLOU MP

Mar 12, 2014

in this case, you shouldnt be a medic.  medics have to go into the middle of combat.


you should probably be stealth enemy marker.


you could be a stealth medic but this reduces your loadout points for having the max first aid.



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Re: Conscientious objector in TLOU MP

Mar 12, 2014
The pacisfist who only marks enemies, revives and heals.
But thats sounds pretty **bleep** boring.
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Re: Conscientious objector in TLOU MP

Mar 13, 2014

Yeah F this, I kept dying a lot because of this playstyle. FORGET THIS CRAP.


Well back to my...


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Re: Conscientious objector in TLOU MP

Mar 13, 2014

A Conscientous Objector wouldn't even be on the battlefield. He'd be sitting at home with his family saying "Oh dem Fireflies. They tried to make me kill people. I says I don't believe in that. THEN they tried to make me go out der and call out positions, bandage them, and use my magic hand to bring people back to life. I said bit** please, I ain't fighting no war for nobody cuz dis is senseless! You guyz wanna blow eachother up for no good reasonz, find someone else to patch yoselves up. An' tomorro', I'ma sit on top of Sammy's and protest while dey tear eachother t' pieces!"


That's what a CO be doing. Maybe if you can convince ND to create a protest sign as a loadout weapon, you can build a class around this. Possibly even a perk. 'Activist', levels 1 through 3.

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