Jul 03 2014
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Cannot play past Cabin Resort level

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I can see this has been reported numerous times, but the game keeps glitching out during the level preventing me from proceeding further.

After escaping from David I make my way through the blizzard until I reach the arcade when one of 2 things will happen

1. The game will freeze as an enemy exits a doorway or if I do make it through the arcade the game ceases to load in the rest of the level making it impossible to proceed.

To compound the issue further as I make my way through the level and if I die, which happens a lot with ellie I have to restart the level via the chapters route as all the saves seem to corrupt and fail to load.

I have already tried uninstalling the game and patch 1.07 via the game data and it makes no difference at all.

So what can I do? As it stands it's impossible for me to complete the game. Also I'm 16 hours in and there is no chance I'm starting again, NONE!

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix coming?

Thank you
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