Jul 19 2013
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Can't purchase an online pass

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I've been wanting to play the last of us multiplayer for some time now but whenever I check the playstation store for an online pass I can't find one if you could help me out it would be much appriciated.


Thanks, Connor

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Re: Can't purchase an online pass

Jul 31, 2013

I've had the same problem.


After getting the game used from a friend, I wanted to play Factions. I am unable to purchase an online pass through the in-game menu, and they are not available on PSN.


There are online passes that can be bought from Gamestop, but only if you live in the US. I live in Canada, the game was bought in Canada, my account region is Canadian. My friend's online pass worked when he played it.


I really enjoyed the multiplayer when I tried it at my friend's place before, but now I am unable to play it myself as there are no Online Passes available to be purchased. The notice "There are no items that you can purchase at this time." comes up whenever I try to select Purchase Online Pass from the Factions menu in The Last of Us.


After several google searches and scouring through forums I have seen this question asked, but I have yet to see a single response from either Naughty Dog or a Playstation representative. Does anyone have any information regarding this?
 Did they run out of servers, or do they have to create more accounts? What is happening here?

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