Dec 04 2016
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Cabin Resort: Environment does not render

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I'm playing on Grounded, and I'm stuck with this glitch. While playing as Joel, I am about to save Ellie from David but the room where Ellie's backpack is just not render, the room is just white and the music and sound just dissapear. Once or twice I could access the room but when I enter the room and grab Ellie's backpack the sound and music again dissapear., but you can still reach the next scene with Ellie, but sadly with no sound and when you reach the next cutscene it's just black and nothing happens, and I have waited up 2 hours and nothing happend.

And I tried everything restarting encounter and deleting and installing the game data with no success, and I don't know what else to do. I don't want to lose my Grounded playthrough because it took a lot of time to reach so far of the game.

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