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Re: Buying Armour and Other Stuff During a Match

May 12, 2014

MosesTransports wrote:

I find your pseudo rant rather amusing, since I once shared it myself.

- They should have developed something of a hardcore mode, with no boxes or purchasables. You know, to feel the scarce and suffocating atmosphere of the post apocalyptic world.

- Supply Raid shoulda been called Survivors, and vice versa.

- With the arrival of DLC 2, aka Call Of Duty change, I now posses more ammunition than the US military

- Punish rage quitters

- Make deaths meaningfull, since it's the goddamn end of the world

- Award each player five possible deaths. I don't enjoy when randoms die eight times, stealing my spawns, and then leaving the match

- Make armor a reward for good performance, not exploit of points.


So make getting armor like how you get things in call of duty? Lol... 

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