Oct 16 2013
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Broken **** online game

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Useless patch when are you guys going to fix this crap!!!!!!!


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Re: Broken **** online game

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Oct 18, 2013

Good question??? I downloaded the new DLC yesterday and all 10 of my games started with 7 minuets or less and the 11th game was the only game that started from the beginning and not one single player spoke English. I know I have not played this game in months and was told buy NG not to play the MP as they are checking out my game issues and where going to fix them I thought. I only got to down 1 player in 11 games as my guns still don't seam to do any thing I even had a guy stand right in front of me with in 5 feet of me and my gun would not down him?? What a waste of money this was!!! All my other games play flawlessly so I guess its back to GTA 5 that works...

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