Dec 14 2013
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Bow vs SAR

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Can someone give me a rundown on these two?


Most of my loadouts are revolver/pistol and one with Flamer..


I have 1 spare loadout.. which i want for survivors and to focus on killing more..


So should i use the sharpshooter perk with either? and what about upgrading them? should i bother or will they both be very good with sharpshooter? 


So far i really like bow BUT sometimes i have issues were an enemy seems to be out of cover but every clear shot is just bouncing of a wall or vechicle.. 


So which one do you prefer and with what loadouts?

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Re: Bow vs SAR

Dec 14, 2013
I will tell you that sharpshooter is important to me IF I'm always going one vs one with someone.


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Re: Bow vs SAR

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Dec 14, 2013

Bow and SAR are completely different weapons. The bow is a stealth weapon you use when flanking only. In a head-to-head fight you will have big difficulties against an even mediocre skilled SAR/BR/revolver user because of the time it needs to shoot the arrows and because of damage wobble.

If you plan to use the bow also non-stealthy i would say SS is essential to reduce the damage wobble.


The SAR is an all-round weapon you can also use as stealth weapon to a certain degree when having it silenced. 


If you are OK at dodging some bullets (and therefore have no damage wobble) I would say you don't need SS for any other weapon than the rifle or bow.


Upgrading weapons to at least Level 1 is always good. You have more ammo, faster reload speed, higher fire rate and so on. Especially the bow basically NEEDS the first upgrade to be really useful. If you are beasting and have parts to spare you can also go on Level 2, but I would get some armor instead to stay alive longer. But thats just my opinion.

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Re: Bow vs SAR

Dec 14, 2013



+ High damage and after upgrades even the rate of fire gets pretty impressive.

+ Ecxellent for flanking and is nearly impossible to track the location of the shooter. 

+ You will litelary never run out of arrows, without the need to purchase them, or use supply boxes.

+ One hit down headshots.

+ Costs one Loadout Point less than silenced SAR.

- The upgrades really matter here because the bow gets vastly improved thanks to them.

- It's not an ideal weapon into a firefight and other open conflicts.

- The arrows can't pass between tight spaces like handrails, below vehicles etc.

- Difficult to use.

- Difficult to corner shoot with it, but possible.




+ Works well in any situation and any range.

+ Very easy to use.

+ Does an annoying amount of damage wobble.

+ Doesn't need to be upgraded at all.

+ Costs one Loadout Point less than Bow if you don't care about stealth.

- Runs out of ammo quickly, mostly due to the damage it does and the number of bullets you get per kill.

- Is easily tracked by sound and bullet trails.

- Needs two shots to head to down.

- Costs one more Loadout Point than Bow if you want to use the supressor.

- Unlike Bow, SAR can fire through any, even a tiny space to hit the target.


Bow is a flanking and stealth weapon, while SAR can be used for stealth, but also for firefights. That makes SAR a more practical choice. However, if you don't mind using your Revolver for firefights then the Bow would better in your hands.

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Re: Bow vs SAR

Dec 14, 2013
Bow if you plan to be a stealthy player and SAR if you're the guy that likes to take point in a gunfight.

Sharpshooter I would only bother using it if you're more of gun type of player and aren't afraid to handle double team situations. If you prefer to just kill one guy and sneak around, it's not really worth it.
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Re: Bow vs SAR

Dec 14, 2013

Since the SAR has a waaaaaaay shorter learning curve than the BOW, I'd suggest you try a SAR loadout first.
Even though I'd say the BOW is the best weapon IF you take the time to learn how to use it.
If you decide to go for the bow here's some basic advice:

-  Play with the Sensibility options, makes the aiming with the bow much quicker, so it takes least time for you to shoot.
- Don't get in a firefight if you are shot first, try to always get the first strike with the bow and you're golden
- Shoot, dodge, then shoot again, when one on one in a firefight don't stay still while shooting, shoot one arrow and then go to cover or try to dodge the other guys bullets, this makes aiming harder but saves you a lot of lives.

As far as Sharpshooter goes, you don't need it at all in these two weapons, i'd suggest you save it for Sniper rifles or the Burst Rifle (Which you should try out as well, works magics if you have a quick aim).

One other thing though, don't get stuck on a single weapon, try them all out and see which one fits your playstyle best, you might be surprised by a gun or two Smiley Wink

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Re: Bow vs SAR

Dec 14, 2013
If you have a trigger finger the SAR is a monster.
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