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Bookstore - Unbalanced Boxes in Interrogation

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I still feel the interrogation boxes in bookstore are unbalanced. One side as a great defensive advantage over the other one.


First set of picture show the "crappy" box, followed by "nice" box. Also one side as these stupid blockades ruining explosives tosses.


The following two spots are alright defensivelly but your opponents need to be blind or really really stupid for them to work. Also that stupid blockade preventing the tossing of explosives, and once you have a clear view your on fire or have at least one shot from the oposing enemy. you have more avenues to shoot incoming enemies than avenues to defend the box.





The best spot is the stairs but its too much of an obvious location. Once your opponents get a hold of it, it basically seals the deal on the continued farming. Again that blockade makes it so difficult to reclaim the spot.



Then there is the window spot which is nice for explosives but you only get two angles.



Now the other box as way better defensive spots, also no dumb blockade preventing the toss of explosives

First three pics is my favorite defensive spot, barely anyone takes notice and if they do, its too out of the way to do something about it. Camper also as the better chance of winning the 1v1 up there. Plus with bombs, you're easily alerted. I can take out many and quickly get to my supplies and circle back through the stairwell. Even when we are being somewhat spawn trapped I just go up the stairwell to my spot and easily reclaim the Box. Also people like to take cover behind the box/bookcase, from the stairwell you still have a clear view of them.


On top of the coffe table.


this is were I like to stay since it offer the most coverage and the bushes cover you really well. Same area.


Then the best view is on the stairwell but you're really open, but people tend to initiate an attack from the other side so whatever. Also the blockade at the bottom of stairs, people may not even notice someone on the stairwell since they'll be walking and have their eyes towards the box area.


Another great spot to defend is on the bridge since once you take people out you can hop the bookcase and go attack. If you need to jump down you will lose a health notch though.


Another spot on the bridge but only two angles. If you have explosive you can easily down people.


Then the other stairwell, where you can even prevent people from getting to TWO supply boxes


I forgot to take a picture but there is that hole under this stairwell, where you can quickly pop in and stop an unlock and/or toss explosives. 


Then as soon as you spawn, you can easily stop an unlock, don't understand why people even run in like idiots.























If you go right you can hop on the  trunk of the hood to defend




If you go through the left entry way you end up here.























Even from a supply box you can defend and even go back to attacking. Only two angles but you can quickly run up the stairwell and get into the best spot. again NOTE no dumb blockade



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Re: Bookstore - Unbalanced Boxes in Interrogation

Dec 8, 2013
You could've bumped your old thread instead of re-posting.
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Re: Bookstore - Unbalanced Boxes in Interrogation

Dec 8, 2013

Thanks for going to the effort.


The boxes are fine.


Move along.

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