Jul 19 2013
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Ok I have had this game since it came out on the 14th and I dont know if ppl have learned how to cheat or if you guys have done some updates ut I am gettting a lot of bugs with bombs. Example: I thew a smoke bomb at dude right in front of me I mean it landed on his feet and he was not affected by it at all. He was in the midddle of the smoke then I kill him with melee weapon in smoke. I mean I wasnt 5 ft from him so it wasnt that I took to long to get there it did not affect him. Also bombs not making noise b4 they go off. Just lots of issues with bombs in general. and melee weapons upgraded starting the animation then not killing them.


Also I would like to point out that since this game is about  feeding you clan. It really would be nice if like the last game I was just put in with 9 ppl left. That is some bs. Really need to address either not putting ppl in games that are already started or starting them with like the last man standing box there first box or something so that they are on fair ground. I mean I come into a game where ppl are OVER half way through it and they have upgraded weapons and armor and eerything. That **bleep** aint cool.


Dont get me wrong I freaking love this game and I have been telling everyone to get it if they dont already own it. Im just saying a little TLC for these issues could go a real long way!


Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOME DLC NEW MAPS more load out points something I want spend some money want keep playing gimme some DLS =)



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Jul 21, 2013

Edawg24  I have had the same issue as you state even today the bomb blew up and no noise at all.  And I through a smoke bomb at a guy the other day and when I got to him he was fine but when I hit the smoke to get him for some reason I could not move and no one had tossed another smoke bomb. Plus for some reason I don't get the ability to shiv any one the Icon never pops up and it will not let me in a smoke bomb or other wise any more.

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