Jul 27 2013
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A trophy Bug ?

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I finished my first move in the game "The Last of Us" HARD mode. I won the trophy just HARD. There was also to win the trophies levels NORMAL and EASY?

How Naughty Dog can help me solve this problem? I'm afraid to start a new game in normal mode, for example, and the same problem happens ...

Thank you for your attention and your help.

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Re: A trophy Bug ?

Jul 27, 2013
Go to chapter select and replay the last chapter. I got all my trophies as expected but I read on another thread that it helps.Its only a few minutes and you can skip the cutscene and the credits. The lower difficulty trophies pop up after quite a while (up to 1 minute). Also, they pop up only after the credits and you return to the main menu.
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Re: A trophy Bug ?

Jul 28, 2013

Thank you!

The tip told to wait for the end of the credits was decisive! erminei of play mode "Survivor" to win the trophies earlier. Friend, the trophy take long to appear, I thought I had bugged again ... But in the end, the lights out, it worked! As producers take so long to appear that the trophies?

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