May 28 2014
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Whats the sound, when Joel and ellie from: The Last of Us video game discover or find something new? And is there qny way I can get that as a sound phone.
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Re: sounds

May 28, 2014
if you have the time for it download the video from YouTube of someone playing the game where the sound occurs

then run that through Windows Movie Maker and delete all the areas before and after the sounds.

leave a few seconds on either side of the sound though and then export that to mp3.

load the mp3 into the free program audacity... and there you can for the slice audio file to get the exact sound you want and save it as an m_p_3 there you have it you can even increase the volume up m_p_3 as well

an alternative
record the sound with your phone and it will save it as a mp3...if you want to increase the volume and cut out the sound around it to get the exact sound you want load that mp3 into audacity and do what I said above
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