Jun 04 2013
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demo AI

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i had played through the demo on hard a few times.

bullets are scarce, swapable weapons are scattered in different places. 


i played on easy and you get bullets from just about each person you kill.

more weapons are scattered about.

i died trying to stealth kill a clicker and the game said i needed a shiv to do that. 

so when it restarted, it conveniently provided a shiv i could pick up.


I dont know if the hard level is different on the first clicker you come across, but on the easy level, it had noticed me and tess shot it for me.  i thought that was pretty cool.  on the hard level they just scurried up to the top.

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Re: demo AI

Jun 4, 2013
I guess on Hard the game leaves it up to the player to survive. I save all of my shivs to defend from clickers, seeing as how that's the only known escape from their grapple. I'll either stealth through, or use my nail ridden plank to take it's head off.
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