Dec 25 2012
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Will the singleplayer melee combat carry over to MP?

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In uncharted MP, the melee combat was nothing like the SP of the game. In the SP you could smack,grapple,counter, struggle and it was awesome! But in the MP all you could do was some kind of a odd melee jump that took 2 or 3 times to kill and if you got lucky your character would do a little finisher. And you could kick people off walls and throw them over cover-to-cover but that still wasn't what the SP brought to the table. ='(

But since the Last of Us is such a big part of melee do you think they'll bring that over to Multiplayer or will they go with a Cod quick knife route =/ And I don't mean pulling out a knife and speeding up with a knife slide stab. I mean something similar to the jump melee in UC3. Clearly guns will still be supreme -Hopeing for low health and small amount of bullets for realism sake >.< - But it just seems that it would work with the style and pace of The Last of Us Multiplayer.

Thoughts ?

Oh and gentlemen/lady's I couldn't wait for The Last of Us so I picked up a arcade game called I Am Alive and its very similar to Tlou. You guys/gals might like it, I really did. =) But the ending is a real killer =(

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Re: Will the singleplayer melee combat carry over to MP?

Dec 25, 2012
Lag is a large part in why a more intricate melee system wasn't adopted in U3. With that said, TLoU really should be more melee-focused, so I wonder how they're going to combat the lag issues.

I Am Alive should have been a brilliant game, but the studio flopped and the game got released unfinished. It felt incredibly poor to play.
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Re: Will the singleplayer melee combat carry over to MP?

Dec 25, 2012

Oh, well that is shocking. I feel alot better to know that at least they tried with UC3. I thought they just didn't really care.

Hopefully with all this new next gen tech and the fact that not everyone should be running around with AKs will possibly make it more slow-paced and melee approachable.


That's really sad to hear about I AM Alive. I thought it was a exciting game! It even got scary at times when I played it in the dark with headphones on O.o I really wish they had more time. Cannot wait for The Last of Us though.

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Re: Will the singleplayer melee combat carry over to MP?

Feb 13, 2013

U3 Melee


I think the melee in Uncharted 3 MP was more than good enough, really.


The SP melee had some specific requirements. It just wasn't built for free MP use. The main character in SP had very different rules from the rules by which his enemies worked.


MP melee was simplified to work consistently in 'free use' and they added the finishing moves in the situations where they could. I was more than satisfied.



TLoU SP Melee


Now, about TLoU, I think they can go melee heavy on the MP. And I think that because of how the SP melee seems to work.


I think I've deducted some melee rules, from obsessing over the trailers.


The melee looks extremely organic and there doesn1t seem to be any mashing, quick time event or otherwise ridiculous mini-game involved. Yay!


It seems to be all about the approach and the weapon.


Good Approach


You can have a good approach by engaging in melee against a staggered (by thrown object, for instance) or unaware enemy (attacking from a corner). In a good approach, Joel doesn't take damage and finishes his enemy. The weapon he uses only speeds up how quickly he does the job, which is important, since these strugles are noisy and are likely to bring other enemies who may attack you just as you're finishing your first victim.


Bad Approach


If your enemy sneaks up on you or catches you right after you attacked his pal, the approach is in his favor. In this bad approach (for you), Joel loses health and, if he survives, he eventually stops loosing health and finishes his opponent. Apparently, Ellie can help you (just before dat shotgun headshot in that trailer) so that you loose less health before starting to counter your enemy. On the other hand, perhaps the enviroment will play a role on making you loose more health (Joel looses a big chunk even against an unarmed enemy, when he gets his head smashed on that dresser). I don't know if Joel can use his melee weapon to counter the enemies. I think not. From what I saw, he always uses his bare hands, which means the counters are likely to be slow (which is bad, for you... so, do care about your approach).


Excellent Approach


If you approach an unaware enemy from behind, you can grab him and finish him silently (at least the humans). We've seen on that hands on that Clickers can't be choked. To stealth kill them you need to shiv them. And against other enemies, the shiv would still help you to speed up the kill, since the choke takes quite a while.


Average Approach


What I still really don't know is about a head-on approach. What happens if Joel and his enemy are aware of eachother and they initiate the melee, simultaneously? I don't think we've seen any such example, yet. My guess is that Joel attacks first; then, if enemy survive, enemy counters with his weapon; and if Joel Survives, Joel finishes the enemy. If Joel's weapon can one-hit-kill a certain enemy, a head-on approach would still leave him unscathed (against a single enemy, at least).




Finally, it seems the Clicker can't be meleed (it just kills you), except for the Shiv (which requires the best approach). I still don't know if people hamve experimented enough on the hands-on. I'm curious about whether we can at least stun them for a while, with a good a approach (like attacking with an axe, from a corner)... giving us some time to run past them.



TLoU MP Melee


Now... if I got these rules just about right, we could have a very rich melee in MP. I'd love to play as a Clicker, if it gave me awesome melee advantages!


For equal characters, the main thing would be ditching the counters that Joel performs when his enemy gets the initiative. In MP, if someone approaches you well (after staggering you or from a corner), this person kills you without taking damage. Period. I mean... unless you have a friend nearby to save you, kinda like Ellie. The quality of the attacker's melee weapon determines how quickly he kills you. If it's quick, you will hardly be saved by your friends... your friends may actually not even be able to get a cheap shot at your killer.


As for head-on approaches, it would be tough. I think the guy with the best weapon should attack first. If the other survives, other counters with his weapon. Then, repeat the process until someone dies or someone interferes.


That melee boost in the pre-order bonus could be simply an upgrade to the damage caused by any melee, which might make a difference, requiring one last hit to kill in some good approaches, or actually turning the tides on a head-on conflict.


What do you guys think about these speculations?

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