Jun 17 2013
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Where can i download Grinded?

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hi there,


i bought the game as a blu ray copy and bought the season pass through the playstation store and installed the 100kb download without any errors. 


when i start the game and open the "downloadbles" section i can see something called "last of us making of" but it just launches the store or something which tells me that i can not buy stuff at the moment. imho i think i allready bought it so i just want to download it. 


is there anyone having a similiar issue? i'm from germany so maybe that got something to do with it.  i actually bought the season pass because of the making of. otherwise i would have waited for the dlcs. this is driving me nuts. also where can i get some official support in germany for such an issue? i just found a support number for the USA.


thanks for any advice! 



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