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Re: What Do You Think The Ending For TLoU Will Be?

Apr 16, 2013
I have yet another theory. I was reading comments about TLoU on IGN. Joel gets infected at the end of the game, or does earlier on, but he doesn't know it, and neither do we. The last cinematic shows Joel starting to writhe in pain and fall to his knees. When he looks up at Ellie, his eyes start to glow(as it was shown in the trailer, or so I was told) He tells Ellie to run or kill him so he doesn't come after her. She starts to cry and takes aim, but at the last second lowers the gun. The screen cuts out to black and we hear Joel become a runner. Then The Last of Us logo appears and credits start to roll.


Ellie tells Joel no and lowers her gun(same as above) and she lets herself become infected at the hands of Runner Joel so they can always be together, no matter the circumstances.

Another theory is that the end of the game will be the beginning of the game, where the opening cut scene will actually be the ending of the game, and we play up to those moments.


It will appear all is lost when they find the place Joel had to bring Ellie because it's run rampant with murder at the hands of various gangs. They try to avoid being spotted as the retreat, but numerous infected show up behind them. Joel looks at Ellie, and Ellie at Joel. He takes a deep breath and asks her what she wants to do. She tells him she's with him until the end, no matter what happens. It shows Joel pull out a handgun and a metal pipe. Ellie pulls out her switchblade and a handgun. They just start to charge the infected and camera stays still(looking from the side so we only see Joel and Ellie against a destroyed city) as they run towards the infected. The Last of Us shows on the screen and the credits roll. After a couple of minutes into the credits, a scene shows up. It shows Ellie covered in blood crouching over Joel, also covered in blood. He's couching and spitting blood from a wound. Ellie starts to cry and leans on Joels chest. He grabs her shoulder and tells her it's been fun. He struggles to tell her what he was like in the past, with his family, in gangs, and how watching over Ellie has changed him. Ellie tells him it's the other way around. He changed her. Joel starts to die and Ellie holds him close. When Joel exhales his last breath, Ellie looks up to the sky and screams. Slowly they both ascend to the heavens in a white light. The Last of Us shows on the screen as it fades to black.

Story time. I'm just gonna write a fan fiction ending.

You have to listen to this while you read though.

It's the main theme from the game.

The crunch of debris and stone echoed off the walls. Up ahead, The Bastion, the haven for any survivors not wanting military control over their survival. Joel exhaled, grabbed his rucksack strap, and motioned Ellie to follow him. The way down to the street was a delicate maze of crumbling building, decayed vegetation and bodies.

"Joel," Ellie whispered. "Are you going to stay with me when we get there?"

Joel's face hardened. "I...I can't, Ellie. I have to go back to Boston."

"Why? What's left there, other than those **bleep** who tried to kill us?"

Joel ceased to tense up. His shoulders slackened and he hung his head low. "C'mon, Ellie. Just follow me."

They pair made their way down to a defilade of a once quaint coffee shop. The roof had collapsed long ago and whatever it once had been was lost to time. Joel peered through a shattered window. The pitter patter of rain slowly rose over the area. The sky darkened and the wind became a cool whip across their faces.

"Great." Joel murmured.

"It's just rain, Joel. It feels so nice, too." Ellie stood up and let the drops collect into a canteen.

"The road is gonna be mud now." He let out an aggravated growl. "It ain't gonna be easy to walk up to the front door. Why don't we just wait it out here?"

"I'm fine with that. I'm tired anyway." Ellie dropped her rucksack on the floor and removed her sleeping bag.

Joel grabbed a couple of tables and moved them by Ellie. "This'll keep you dry. Try and get some sleep. I'll keep watch." He smiled at her as best he could.

Ellie could see something was troubling him, or hurting him. She smiled back. "Thanks, Joel." She closed her eyes.

Joel sat up, back against the wall watching her. He buried his face into his heads and began to sob.

When Ellie woke up, Joel wasn't to be seen. She stretched.

"Joel? Joel where are you?" Ellie began to panic. Not once since they've been together had he not called back if he wasn't around. She walked over to the entrance. The room had broken off from the main floor and constant shifting had made it rise half a story.


Ellie jumped and turned around. Joel was standing there, sweating heavily and looked in severe pain.

"C' mon...ugh..Ellie." He winced. "Leave everything here. We need to get to The Bastion."

"Joel, what happened?"

"Move, Ellie! Urgh. Now!"

He pushed Ellie out of the doorway, and he jumped down after her. The Bastion was only a couple hundred feet away. Armed guards patrolled the entrances and along the walls.

Ellie and Joel made an all out sprint for the colossal iron doors that separated The Bastion from the rest of the world. Closer and closer they came, faster and faster they ran. Finally, it would be over. No more running, no more, hiding, just living.


Ellie went flying into the air and landed abruptly a couple of feet forward. Joel stopped dead in his tracks.

"Ellie! Ellie!" He roared.

Another shot rang out.

Bmph. Blood spurted from Joel's shoulder. "Mph."

He turned around and opened fire.




"You **bleep**!" He looked back. Ellie was trying to stand. "No, no."

He ran towards her and scooped her up into his arms. The pain was excruciating. His arm felt like it was going to fall off.

"Help! Help, me!" Joel screamed.

The guards opened the gate and several soldiers ran out to get Joel and Ellie.


Joel felt something hard and cold it his lower back, and he fell. Ellie rolled out of his arms.

He blacked out.

When Joel opened his eyes, he didn't know where he was. The smell was different. Sanitary. The walls where he was were clean, bright and intact. His clothes were different. Soft, fresh, comfortable. He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain shot through his legs.

"Joel, Joel! you're awake!" Ellie ran to his side. She looked older, not like Ellie he knew. "Joel, we did it. We made it. Finally, we're safe." She hugged him.

Joel hugged her back. "Oh, Ellie. I'm so sorry."

Ellie looked surprised. "Sorry for what?"

"For letting that happen to you." Joel started to well up. "I'm sorry I put you through all that."

Tears were streaming down Ellie's face. "It's okay, Joel. Everything's okay now."

"Where are we, by the way?"

"The Bastion. You've been out for some time. The doctor said you were in a coma, and he didn't know if you would make it."

"How'd you survive? I saw you get shot?"

"You saved me, Joel. You saved me just like you always do." Ellie hugged him again.

Joel hugged back. "I'll never let anything bad happen to you. I promise."

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