Dec 11 2011
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Welcome to The Last of Us - READ rules before posting!

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Hello everyone!


For those new to the The Last of Us forums (ND forums, or forums in general), here are some guidelines when creating a new topic or responding to a post. These are some points of interest everyone should know and follow:


1. First, read this link!


2. Use SEARCH!! Chances are someone has already made the topic you want to make, so please use the search bar located in the upper right corner (under your login). Suggestions for example, have a TON of topics on the U3 boards and it is hard to read all the suggestions when they are spread out in topics that have maybe 1 or 2 responses.


3. Do not discuss glitches here! There is no reason to be publicly discussing glitches (which are out there, how to do them, who is doing them, can we ban them, etc.). If you need to send a glitch video to a mod, PM it. The reason for this is any glitch discussion just makes people more curious about them, so if you have any questions about glitches, please just PM them to myself, Arne, EvangM or Eric-ND.


4. Only The Last of Us discussion here please!


5. No low content posting please! What is low content posting? Here are some examples:


cool story bro


linking a random image

rick rolling or other memes


Basically if you feel the need to post in a topic, you better be doing it with respect for the subject and people in the discussion, or do not reply at all. Free Speech laws to not apply to these boards. So if it seems you dont care about what people are saying and just want to RANT IN CAPS or make "witty jabs" at others posts,language or grammar, DON'T POST. You may be banned for taking away from the discussion, trying to derail it, or just ruin it for others. Don't want to discuss the subject, DON'T POST. If you think a thread doesn't belong or is of low quality, PM a mod, DON'T BUMP THE TOPIC.


6. Leave the moderating to the mod staff please! If you think a topic doesn't belong, mark it inappropriate (using the link in the lower left hand corner of the post). If someone posted something to troll someone, don't start a back and forth flame war. Just mark it inappropriate. Letting someone know they broke a rule out of courtesy is fine, asking for the mods to ban someone because you don't like their posts isnot fine.


7. We have a wonderfully diverse fanbase, domestic and international. Please respect and appreciate this, and allow the communities to interact positively. This means if you see a post in a language you do not understand, either use google translate or don't post in it, please! If you think you have the "laggiest" nations figured out, keep it to yourself! This forum is for all ND fans, and it should be treated as such. If you willingly break this rule, you could find yourself banned without warning. Bigotry is not tolerated here.


This is just a helpful list of a couple of things to remember before taking the time to write a post. If it doesnt follow these rules, it runs the risk of being edited, moved or deleted. If that occurs and you are wondering why, please PM the mod staff instead of creating another topic that has to be deleted.


Thank you for reading and joining us - we look forward to sharing more on The Last of Us over the coming months!


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