Jun 15 2013
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Wacky getting TLOU stories

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*My long experience at Finally playing the last of us...

Longest day at work today(at least it felt like it)
was literally counting the seconds in the last 10 mins
I work in Younkers connected to a large mall, convenient because it was the same one that had the gamestop where I pre-ordered TLOU from Smiley Happy
I was going to walk/run quickly right out the front doors after I clocked out at noon and go grab my copy, when I thought about it at the last second
See I have stock room key that has an electronic tag on it which means if I walk out the front door the security alarms going to go off cause of the tag and I don't thing that people are going to enjoy seeing a guy running through the mall after an alarm goes off.
So I went out the associates only door, got in my car, and drove all the way around the mall to find, to my luck that the front parking lot was under construction

Rage face-Why.png

 was literally my face...

So I drove around back to my original parking spot and had to walk all the way back to the front entrance around the mall.

I walked quickly to gamestop had to wait in line for 15 or so mins cause some kid had to get his mom to get him to buy an M rated game or something (might have been TLOU idk Smiley Tongue) it was kind cool cause the 3 people ahead of me also got TOOL and we were talking about it Smiley Happy ahh good times with strangers

anyways... i finally get my copy a season pass

i walk outside and it is pouring rain (as if god had just watch TLOU intro Smiley Wink)

so I sprinted back to my car and started to drive home, conveniently the rain ended so I got onto the highway so I could get home faster which to my luck

THERE WAS AN ACCIDENT ON THE FREEWAY( cause of rain most likely)

IN TRAFFIC FOR 20 MINUTES! (accident wasn't back I guess someone just lost control and hit someone, but everyone looked alright)

But I was Determined to get home and play TLOU

Rage face-Determined.png<--My determination face

I FINALLY get home and pop the game in my ps3, go to the PSN store and download everything I got with my copy, start up the game, get to the main screen, and SUDDENLY my mom tells my I have to go pick up my sister from Drivers ED.

rage face FFFFUUUU-.png

I turn off my ps3 go get her as fast as I could, came back, turned on the PS3 when...

Out of nowhere my dad tells me that I have to help him Fix our fence in the backyard that was slanted...


Turn off my ps3 and went outside

2 1/2 hours plus sore muscles and a bunch of mosquito bites later and I was finally done with everything.

I turn on my ps3 and started TLOU played 20 mins of it...

And I am currently loving it!

In a weird way it was actually worth it...

Smiley Happy



anyone else have a funny or crappy story about getting Their The last of us copy/ special addition you got?

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