May 23 2014
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WIll the ND keep the TLoU ( ps3 ) updated?

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Hello to all.


My name is Bumbaaraa, and i know its wierd name... Anyway i was wondering if the Naughty Dog keep the The Last of Us ( ps3 version ) updated? Like adding Hats, Gestures, and Mask(s) like The Undercharted? i know its entirely different game but i loved the "freedom of the hats n' masks" in the Uncharted series... or will they do it in the Ps4 version? I personally don't "need" ps4, so i pondering about it. Also would be kind to make different kill animations while hold certain object ( molotov, bomb, ect. )?


Thanks for your time,


Bumbaaraa A. (Firefly); Look for the Light.

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