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Versions and Promo codes [updated]

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My version of TLOU came with 2 promotion codes.

One was the "online Pass" code on the booklet.

The other was a promotional from the store from which I ordered. "Survival pack code"



The following issue arised. I started playing the game without using any of these codes.

Entered the game, flipped through the options etc.


Saw that I had $300 to spend on extra's (which can be used after finishing the game). After playing for a couple of hours, I finished my session, went to the PSstore to enter the code that came with the game (Online Pass).

Then I turned off the console.



After dinner I went to check my e-mail. Saw the promotional code from the store (Survival pack code) and entered it in the PSstore.

Started the game and went to check my new goodies.


Also started a new game because of the auto-save glitch (played for 4 hours without being able to save in the first session)

No goodies, no skins, no weapon upgrades, $300 were aslo gone.



I checked for additional content in PSmenu.


I have:


TLUP(tm) (EU)

TLOU(tm) Additional content  (86kb)


My guess would be that those 6 seperate 100kb packages (skins, weapon upgrade etc)  I downloaded after dinner would be present as well.

They seem to be missing...

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