Feb 03 2013
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The Military

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Since The Last of Us is going to feature dynamic AI and the so called "Balance of Power" how do you think the military will play its role. Especially considering the last factor, "Balance of Power".

Given that the miliatry will have access to the most powerful arsenal and their plans and strategies will be more complex than those from the scavengers (I hope) it would be interesting how the confrontation/s against them turns out.

Probably when they show up we'll have to avoid them, run, hide or even escape.


How do you thnik it'll turn out?


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Re: The Military

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Feb 3, 2013

EDSTA713 made this thread that went over confrontations with the military a bit, check it out. *Possible spoilers*



One of the rumors mentioned was as follows --> "US-Marines are also enemies you have to fight with. But unlike the plunders, they are not scared if you have a gun and they are going to confront and flank you. If that happens, there's no chance you're going to win. /No shooter"


Whether it's a rumer or not I like how that sounds. If this game is trying to be as "real" as it can be, then they wouldn't have us directly confront Armed soliders trained in flanking tactics. We'd get our **bleep** kicked Smiley LOL When it comes to confronting the Military, I hope the goal is to stealthily evade them. Throwing rocks to bounce sound around, so that the soliders go and check what made the sound, thus giving us time to advance our position and get the heck out of there. Things like that.


But as your sig says, 93 days until we find out for sure Smiley Happy



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