Jun 19 2013
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The Last of Us win this gen

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First of all I would like to congratulate everyone who worked on the game, you guys have done an amazing job. and there will be SPOILERS in this.

Second, this game wins this generation for me, out of the many games I have played, none of them outdo the Last of Us.

Nothing gives me such an emotional connetion like this game, when Sarah died, I truly felt sad for Joel. When Ellie would play darts with sam, or when the giraffes showed up it put a smile on my face. Gameplay is great, I truly feel like a human being trying to survive rather than Rambo who can take on armies. The whole time I was the edge of my seat, heart pumping, adrenaline, trying to sneak past a bloater while stealth downing a clicker, it was pure intensity.

Graphics, well duh, of course they are amazing, this is naughty dog we are talking about.

There are some minor glitches like, walls poping in and out, or enemies runing around like chickens. But those dont happen often and usually the AI is pretty good.

One thing I love about the game is the ending, it wasnt something I expected, Joel has come to love ellie like a daughter so much that he didnt care about mankinds survival. And I get it, Joel lost almost everything, there is nothing left for Joel if the infection were to stop and life were to come back to normal, which I seriously think wouldnt happen in Joels life time anyway 

This was a wonderful story, and id like to just leave it how it is. If there is a sequel in order, make about another pack of survivors or make it a prequel about Joel before he met ellie.

Out of all this game earns a masterpiece score of 9.7/10

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