Feb 24 2017
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The Last of US Remastered Data loss grounded mode +

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Hello everyone, So i finished grounded mode, then played easy+ mode to finish all trophies etc etc. Now i was going to play grounded + to finish all trophies and suddenly the electricity when off. Sadly i before that  overwritten the save of the dlc i was playing (left behind) over the save file of the campaign. So this disappeared and when i was trying to play gounded + i could only access easy+. I heard about a glitch of beign able to play chapter 1 easy then replay it easy + and continue ot till the last and get all trophies of (easy to grounded +). Note that the satisitics show that i haved finished it at grounded.

Any advice here i really dont want to repeat grounded mode again. its been the 5th + time i replay the campaign but replaying due to data loss or soemthing like that removes the fun and adds frustration.

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