Feb 01 2013
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The Last Of Us improvement we/I want to see.

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Now, don't get me wrong, The Last Of Us is an incredible game, actually my mosted anticipated game of all time. And these are not even issues just minor improvements I/we want to see.

Let's start.

Naughty Dog is going for a very realistic feel with The Last Of Us, and for the most part they succeded.

At mark 4:45, [cool melee fight by the way] Joel's magnum magicaly appears on his back and at 4:50 it magicaly appears on his hand and his shirt migicaly gets untucked.

And at 6:03 the bottle comes out of nowhere and appears on his hand.

At 9:34 the pipe got stcuk on Joel's bag.

Last but deffinetely not least, on the E3 demo Joel actually picks up the gun to collects bullets from it, but on the gamescom demo the feature is missing.

These are not gamebreaking, but they breack the realstic feel Naughty Dog is going for.

Anyway can't wait.

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Re: The Last Of Us improvement we/I want to see.

Jul 14, 2013

I'm only about a third of the way through the game, but I think I see two changes that would make "The Last of Us" a better game.


The first would be to make some of the levels a bit more open, and less linear. I've hiked cross-country, and the most notable thing about it is how maze-like it feels. A person can start in any direction, but are limited by the slopes and plant life in the area. If they don't choose a path carefully, they run the risk of running into a dead end (like say, a 15 foot drop off), or at the very least, wasting effort clambering up and down and up the terrain.  This feeling couldn't be exactly replicated in game, but it could be approximated by providing the player with several, mutually exclusive paths through a level. The player would have to choose one, risking its challenges and forgoeing the loot of the others, neither of which the player knows for certain, but might be able to make some guesses at. The player would feel more like a survivor, picking their way through the landscape.


The other (simpler I would expect) change would be to make the enemies a bit more random, especially before the player is spotted. From what I've seen, it appears that enemies patrol on set paths, like in most stealth games. However, it's not very realistic for a zombie that's presumably foraging for food to pace back and forth on a simple loop, or for human enemies who are searching for survivors to not check behind the furniture. If enemies were allowed a bit of randomness in their patrols (or at least given longer, less repetitious patrols), it would make the game more realistic, and also more intense, as a usually methodical player (like me) wouldn't be able to sit back and plan their next move from the safety of an area whose "guards" they've already cleared. instead, stealth would require quick thinking and a bit of luck.


It really is a testament to how well Naughty Dog crafted the world of Last of Us, that little things like these that I would barely even notice in a more "gamey" game jump out at me.

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