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The Last Of Us 2 Cool Storyline

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Okay, so i heard Naughty Dog is going to make The Last Of Us 2, but probably not with the same characters. I Hoinestly feel they should keep one character, and that should be Ellie. I was thinking The Last Of Us 2 takes place 10 years after the first one. Ellie builds a log cabin in the forest and has lived there for 10 years, surviving with the infected. Ellie is 24 years old now, so she is obviously taller, sleeker, and more mature. Joel died from a heart attack from an adreanaline rush. He just couldnt fight on. I have developed my game plot and own intro. Enjoy Smiley Happy


Intro/ 1st Level


Ellie wakes up in her log cabin and goes to look for food. She tamed a horse and rides off. Today, food is scarce. She rides all the way to David's Town. By then, its all destroyed. She has a flashback of Joel and herself in the log cabin, laughing, and having a good time. (Still in the flashback), She wakes up the next day to find Joel dead from the heart attack. 

"Oh Joel..." She says, out of her flashback

She falls to the ground, crying.

Then it all went black.


She wakes up to find a man standing over her. A pretty cute one.

"Where am i?" She says.

"Your in my town, in my house, thats for sure" The man says. "What do you want?"

"Look, i came for some supplies, and ill be on my way when i get em."

"Oh no. I saw that bite on your arm. Your not getting out of here alive. Im sorry, but im gonna have to kill ya. Cant have you in my town like this."

"You dont understand! Im immune!"

"Say again?"

"Im immune to the fungus. This 11 years old"


"I....I Thought i was thr only one..."


(20 Min later)

"Here" He hands her a cup of water and a blanket.


"My names Evan. Whats yours?"


"Oh **bleep**" he says as sirens wail.

"Whats going on?" She says.


"They're still around?"

"Yep. Hiding."

"We want the girl" a Firefly says. "Step out or we will be forced to use brutal combat."

Ellie steps out. 

"Ellie. We have studied you for some time, and we have found a cure without killing you this time."


"As you know, there are people like you; Immune to the fungus. With enough people, we can find a cure. We take a sample of these people, and we can find a cure. If you agree, we can give you supplies. We can cure you. You can live the life you wanted to live. We can give you back....Joel."

"What?!" She said. "Joel is dead."

"He isnt." The Firefly said. "He suffered a form of the fungus. His heart stopped for 5 hours, and rebooted. If this continues, he will really die."

Ellie looked to ground. "Where are these people? Theres one behind me already, so wheres the rest?"


The game begins, credits are shown, 1st Level Begins


The plot of the game is to find these people scattered across the US that are immune to the disease and bring them back to the firefly base to, once again, try and find a cure. Obviously, something happens that lead us to The Last Of Us 3, which Naughty Dog will have to come up with if this storyline is implemented in the game (probably not, but hey, worth a try).




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Re: The Last Of Us 2 Cool Storyline

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Jul 9, 2013

Am I the only one thinking this would actually be a pretty good idea...? Although probably cliché but who cares, everything is cliché nowadays, and if it isn't, it sucks.  Smiley Happy




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Re: The Last Of Us 2 Cool Storyline

Jul 9, 2013

This may be the best storyline so far. I would like the prolouge to be longer and only contain the part until it went black. And I think Joel should die or live, not 'have a countdown'.... I would like alot of playable flashbacks too... Both to parts we haven't seen in this game, and parts which would be set between TLOU 1 and 2....


But as said earlier, this is by far the best storyline at time being.... Good work! :-)

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Re: The Last Of Us 2 Cool Storyline

Jul 9, 2013
Hey! A little spoiler tags would be nice, now I know what's going to happen in the second game! Smiley Tongue Nice work, man
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Re: The Last Of Us 2 Cool Storyline

Jul 9, 2013

TheNobleSquirrel wrote:
Hey! A little spoiler tags would be nice, now I know what's going to happen in the second game! Smiley Tongue Nice work, man

**bleep** EVERYTHING! **bleep** THE GAME! **bleep** THE SEQUAL! I DON'T NEED A TOASTER!


Jon Lajoe, nice gif man.


Neat idea too, OP.

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