Aug 01 2013
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TLoU DLC & Playing & Stats Questions

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1.)  It still sounds to me like of the 3 DLC making up the Season Pass only the first one will have a Single Player component while the second and third will be Multi Player only?  Please confirm or deny and cite.  Thanks.


2.)  Logged into and note that my TLoU game stats do not display opposite the global stats.  Why not?  Does the Online Pass Code have to be used before the stats will display?


3.)  I've just started my second game playing Plus Easy.  Thought I read that once played through completely first time with Easy difficulty you could jumpt to any Chapter in Plus.  Looks like that is was wrong?


a.  It looks like I will first have to play the game all the way through on Plus (maybe) before I can jump to any Chapter to replay?


b.  Also, when I started Plus (2nd game) I could not 'up' the difficulty?  I could only use Easy.  True or a bug please?


I'm okay with the later since I have to fully upgrade all the weapons--but I was suprised.  It looks like Naughty Dog really wants you to play their game over and over again with the same old linear story.  It does get quite Easy.  I also need to get through Pittsburg at least one more time in order to pick up the one last missing Conversation.


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