Jul 10 2013
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TLOU new bug?

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Well, so I don't actually know if this is or not a new bug, it seems similar to the original one, but truth is I just got this problem last night and haven't seen anything on here that is exactly like this or kept track of it, I obviously might be wrong though, so here's the deal: I'm at the Bus Depot and as soon as I get to the place where you find the last set of tools, right after Joel talks about that place taking him back, I go to get the Firefly Pendant hanging from the light and the QZ Map and whenever I do that the usual pop up that tells me what I've found and sends me to the backpack won't show up. Also when I try to look for it on the backpack it just won't load at all. Another thing is that you can't hear Joel or Ellie anymore, when I try to go across the bus to the next scene, Ellie is supposed to hand me a photo and the photo won't load and I can't listen to her. I try to save and it won't let me, it won't let me load or go back to the main menu either. Has this happened to anyone? I find it weird that it happened at about 91% of the game... Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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