Jun 17 2013
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Stealth related oddity. Must be a bug.

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I noticed something wrong with the stealth and enemy AI routines. The enemies detect dead bodies BUT only if they are already looking for you.

For example:
1. shoot one guy alerting everyone
2. hide
3. They lose sight of you and start searching
4. you kill someone else stealth
5. They find his body and will react to it

But if you do it like I did in my videos
1. stealth kill one guy without getting spotted by anyone
2. hide
3. they never entered "alert phase" from seeing you
4. someone walks over his dead buddy
5. dead body is not detected <----ODDITY

Videos demonstrating this oddity made by me with my awful analog capture card:

Possibly a bug? Because they do have animations and conversations for when they notice their dead friends, but those aren't triggered if their "alert phase" has not been activated.

Pretty odd if you ask me, giving them routines for when they find dead bodies, but not using them unless the player has alerted them before. It has to be a bug.

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