Jun 15 2013
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So, I really want some status reports from the devs

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My patience is wearing a little thin guys.. Give us something. Anything. I really really want to play, but your game keeps freaking out on me, and I want to be able to play the game I bought with my hard earned cash. 


I know it's saturday - but you guys haven't earned a day off till you have a game that's working properly for the vast majority. Which in my book means, 99% of everyone who bought your game.


Get cracking and give us some news. Please. As I said - any news, even the same news!


I normally don't make threads like these.. But EA raped me earlier this year and I've only just washed out the shame. Don't violate me ND. Please. I'm not sure I can handle another arsepounding.


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Re: So, I really want some status reports from the devs

Jun 15, 2013

lmfao the thread title should have 18+ written on it.

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