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Re: Should I be concerned?

May 2, 2013
Naughty dog says the fame is "wide linear" which means that there is only one place to go but you can do it in multiple ways and you explore. They showed a section of the game played twice and in one he went guns blazing and in the other he only killed some guy then snuck past. The game has a crafting system which in my eyes means the game won't be 100 percent linear and scripted because they say you can explore and loot stuff and get resources. In terms of gameplay it looks like better. It looks more intimate. Think of it this way. The way the gameplay plays out in this game looks like how it would in real life. The animations all look real and the environment and sound are very realistic. You'll see when you play it that it doesn't feel like Uncharted. I actually don't know why it's compared to Uncharted. The only reason is because it's naughty dog. But the gameplay is much different. Sure L1a is to aim and r1 is to shoot but that's not just in Uncharted, it in every third person shooter.
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