Aug 10 2013
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Short Film based off of The Last of Us

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I am currently in the works of wanting to make a high budget short film based off of The Last of Us, with actors who have played alongside Johnny Depp and Industry standard crew and concept artists. Everyone is down with the idea, and I have emailed Naughty Dog, but so far no answer. 

I am wanting to know who do I contact in order to ask permission to make a short film off of the game? 

Also, I wanted to ask what you as a fan would want to see in such a short film with a high budget? 


Thanks again 


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Re: Short Film based off of The Last of Us

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Aug 10, 2013

If it is a (fan) film without monetization, I don't think you need to ask for permission... don't take my word though, I could be wrong.


If it is a (fan) film with monetization, I guess you'll need to wait for email and make a deal or something with Naughty Dog.


And I would like to see some of the other seasons; most fan films show things in Summer, but you could be a rebel and do from Fall, Winter or Spring, even if it spoiled something. It wouldn't necessarily need to be exactly things from game, but the time that goes when passing seasons (like between Fall and Winter, make a short movie of that).


I have acquired the grade of Master in The Last of Us story/character/game knowledge as I have played it through 9 times.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think I will monotize...

Aug 10, 2013

Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think I will monotize this short film or put it up on any paid film websites, precisely because short films do not make their money back 90% of the time. Most likely it will be a free to watch short film. 


Other seasons? Alright, I like that idea. The story is not surrounding Joel and Ellie though, it is surrounding a VERY small hint at the beginning of the game of a new pair of characters. That way it is refreshing. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely take it Smiley Happy 



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