Jul 19 2013
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Science Building glitch? bug? (Spoiler!)

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I'm stuck here now, after  kill the enemies in the building as the characters walking out. Joe fall down the stairs and there is one guy trying to grab the horse. Thats where the problem begins. 


Ellie(well, everyone) is moving like a piece of cardboard cutout and after they "kill" the guy and "got" on the horse(Callus) the screen then turn black and stay that way. 


I'm playing on the new slim model(250GB) and have no problem playing others games(DW8, MW3, etc), I've tried to reload the game but it stays at certain % and won't go any further or screen will stay in black. So I went back to the main menu and selected the chapter (Science Building)to restart, however, the problem still there as soon as Joe got out that door and falling down the stairs. Is there anyone experience the same problem can anyone help me out please? Thanks!

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Re: Science Building glitch? bug? (Spoiler!)

Dec 7, 2013

I am having this EXACT issue. Were you ever able to resolve it? Do I need to try and play thru that whole chapter again?

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