Sep 14 2013
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SP Idea Alternative - Ammo from all Humans killed

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(I posted this in another thread, but decided it was worthy of it's own discussion.  If I am wrong, or in violation of being a putz, then so be it, and this thread can be locked/removed).


One of my biggest complaints with the game is not getting ammo from enemies more often.  I've had thousands of occurrences now, because I primarily use stealth, where an enemy is walking around with a gun and is killed before they ever fire a shot off.  Their corpse yields nothing however.


I recall a scene from Justified in which Raylan is captured.  He takes out one of his captors (or maybe it was Boyd) and attempts to threaten the others with the gun into being released, only to find out the gun has nothing loaded in the first place.  This was done because the now unconscious guard couldn't be trusted in terms of "friendly-fire."

Also, there's the idea that ammo is scarce in the first place, like in the movie 'The Book of Eli,' and it's common for people to have guns without ammo, so that they can still use them to scare their prey/attackers into fleeing.


This, however, can only account for so many enemies of the hundreds and hundreds we face per game.  Especially because of one important fact - the infection.  Runner, Clickers, Stalkers, and Bloaters don't give a crap if you have an empty gun, or even a full one.  So, if a very small handful of human enemies might not have bullets, the majority would be ready to firearm-kill at all times.


Of course, I understand that nearly every enemy dropping bullets would make the game far too easy, or at least, retain potential to be far too easy (just because you have ammo doesn't mean you won't get shot in the face and die).  I don't want my complaint to detract from the game, but I've also noticed just how much ammo you find lying around, so much that a stealthy player on Survivor is still going to have every gun full for 90% of the adventure.


My suggestion would have been to remove finding ammo via searching in each difficulty, respectively to how challenging that difficulty is supposed to be.  In other words, you find some ammo on Easy, not much on Normal, barely any on Hard, and NONE on Survivor.  Also, completely remove Ellie giving the player ammo.  I didn't really encounter this myself, but if it is the truth then it would be a problem.  The only exception would be the fridge-trap in Bill's Town, but at that part she could pick up ammo off of the infected you are killing while upside down.  I suppose she could also scrounge from the corpses for the player, running into the fray to collect the ammo and then returning to Joel's position to give him three 9mm bullets, as an example.

The other tweak would be to limit how much ammo a gun-toting enemy drops.  It should likely only be a few bullets, and sometimes only one.  Kill a guy who was wielding the mighty shotgun, be rewarded with one shell for yours.  This would be a superior version of surviving in my opinion.


Note 1 - I'm fully aware that the amount of enemies in the game would likely still lead to a full backpack for anyone who uses stealth even 51% of the time.  It's almost impossible to avoid this fact, and perhaps that is ok.  I use stealth so that when I need bullets, I have many available.

Note 2 - We know that the mechanic of taking an enemy's weapon was removed from the game, so it's fair to say that ND could have tested all that I suggested to some degree and found it wouldn't work.  Either way, I'm not really complaining, as the game still plays wonderfully how it is.

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