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Re: Portrayal of Women in TLOU

Feb 3, 2014

Are there women here who have their own motives? Yes Tess's motive is survival at all cost she wasn't content scraping by and wanted to improve her own lifestyle Joel being apart of that is just that  a tag along if he died the next day she'd keep doing what she was doing, Marline was trying to save her fledgling organization and to find a cure for the outbreak at the least for the fireflies and possibly more then that as they talk often about a cure not necessarily whom will get it in the most dosages. 


Ellie doesn't exist for Joel she exists because she believes whole heartedly she's the cure and she's willing to fight like hell to get that cure made with her help. She's lost trying to find meaning but Joel wasn't that meaning before Joel she had purpose of going to Colorado to aid in the research to end the fungus. She was given an out by Joel to turn back she refused not him, she could've said, " I don't want to keep going to the fireflies" after fighting David and his survivors but she didn't. Did you notice her face at the end? She wasn't just going to go to Tommy's place and live happily she was crushed look at her face she's dying her wound has puss she's getting worse, she needed to hear what he told her was the truth because she knew it was a lie. Ellie existed for what she perceived to be her purpose for not turning not because Joel walked into the room.


Now did we have a few that did exist solely to be the man's girl? Yeah we had two Sarah and Tommy's wife but while Tommy's wife is the actual cliche of woman exist because the man needs one Sarah isn't quite in that box yeah she died but she as a character lives on throughout the story small gestures from Joel like holding his watch when he looks at Ellie on the rooftops back in the zone to how Ellie behaves show you Sarah this character might be dead but she's not forgotten by the subtitle moments in the game.


We have an entire cast of multidimensional characters which is rare in games you get this more on greater TV shows like BSGmodern but no I'm not going to write off this game because we have two 2D persona characters out of the lot there are more games out there worthy of your poor portrayal of women narrative then this one.


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