Jun 16 2013
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Points (Clan) Online

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone can explain something to me. I have been playing the game, already completed it once, doing second run now and absolutely love it!


But the online clan is something I don't understand. I am in week 4 now (forgot the day) and I have 80 people all healthy and I need 69 points per match to keep it that way. However, every kill gives me about 2 points I think and you can't pick up points from certain places or you don't get points if a teammate kills someone.


Now my point being is the fact that even when I play good, and I don't mean to brag but I mostly get 10 kills 4 deaths or something, some matches even 18 kills and such, but even then I barely still get the points. I just don't understand the system.


It would be logical if you get points if a teammate kills an enemy, or like 5 points for a kill and 10 for an excecution and 15 for winning the match, but I don't see any of this. I only get enough when either my whole team destroys the enemy or I myself get something like 16 kills. But you can't do this every match. It seems impossible to complete all 12 weeks even if you are good and even if you have a good team for most of the time. So can someone say the exact points for certain stuff?


PS: They should really add points for the things I described, would make it easier and more fun to be honest.

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