May 12 2014
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New multiplayer patch positives and negatives

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Negative: Smoke bomb chance of evasion 1Percent,. Before the the update a sprawl over cover would save your life a meaninless change that now cuts your animation while hoping over cover and starts your coughing, its seems more like a game glitch when it happens, and as the only escape from the smoke bomb.. is death so surviors is outta the question. Your character SHOULD NOT be glitching (ex: someone throws smoke bomb with the bomb explosives perk 3, i escape to cover by vaulting over a desk as your feet touch the opposite side and the smoke bomb pops somehow your charcter get transported back to the other side coughing and forced to die by shiv. Thats a glitch when im safely on the otherside of the counter,. )Thats all I got everything else is fine even tho the old Machete would save your team from certain death.... the new machete turns you into a ruthless ragdoll/screaming to get hit, but has you more likely to down another opponent with the 1hitter quiter. If you both going down counts.
Then theres the new multiplayer lobby screen that when during map selection there is no timer,. It starts when it pleases,. It needs to be time based or have the lobby Stall untill Everyone Votes.. I like to tie the votes for maps in lobby I Never get the chance now to receive random maps,
But in all as same for Nearly everyone, this update had us all change I strategys.
Im comnenting on this because ive been a day one player,. And any update that hurts the image of a game I enjoy needs to be talked on

Positive: pleanty of options to change your playstyle
Negative: smoke bomps glitch the animation to vault for cover no matter what you do
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