Jun 29 2013
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New Money Cheat!

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OK guys decided to post this sense it is nowhere to be found on the internet. But I did this by complete accident.

Towards the end of the game I saved and quit. The next day it was automatically saved to the online profile. I started playing the game and completing it on hard getting the easy, normal, and hard tags including the money.

I saved over the data starting a NG+ but was mad to find that nothing carried over other than the statistics stating that I've beat the game on those difficulties and the money.

So I went to the online data and played it over again and to my surprise it claimed it on my statistics and more of the money! Lol

To make myself believe it I copied my data again and beat it and still got the money. Rense and repeat. So in conclusion the statistics say that I have beat the game 5 times on easy, normal, and hard then got all the money and it was all under 30 minutes.

Anybody else try this out please cause worked for me.
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