Feb 15 2014
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New Idea for The Last Of Us Online - Administrators Take A Look At This Post

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Hi NaughtyDog Community. I'm writing from Italy with a new idea.

I'm Italian, so sorry for my English a bit 'right.

Playing The Last Of Us (Single Player and Multi Player).

I had an idea about a new way that you could do. 
I know you probably will not read this post yet or you will ignore, but I want to try, because I really love this game and I'd love it to be renewed.

I was thinking about an update where you could add a new mode, called "Infected" (the name does not really matter).

What will?! 
In this mode you will put a maximum of 20 players (I know that according to the standard of the game 20 players are many, but read on), in which just the player will start with a revolver (so you can not choose the equipment to 'start of the match), and one player will be chosen at random which will become an Infected.

Before continuing, let's say, the skin of the player will be differentiated as always depending on which faction they belong.

Then, the player will be chosen Infected. 
Dear creators, remember the levels of infected?! Runner; Stalker; Clicker; Bloater; 
All right. Now the task will be dell'Infetto to infect others. So those who will be touched undergoing at least 2 shots (you'll have to add the animation of punches) will be transformed in turn, making a total of 2, 3, 4, 12, 15 infected, and so on. 
The timer game by game 20 Minutes. Why is it so important the timer?! 
Why will depend on who will be infected at one time. For example, if a player gets infected, and spend 5 minutes, it will turn into a stalker. After another 10 minutes will turn into Clicker and again after 3 minutes will become a Bloater (so not everyone will have the chance to become Bloater and the time you can always choose you, mine is just an idea).

But in the end what will be so beautiful in this mode?! 
Because at every level advancement, in addition to skin that will change, it will also change the View that the player will see. 
Follow me good, step by step: 
A runner will see usually, if not to the sides of the screen will notice a reddish. 
A Stalker will see no longer normally but the screen will see completely red, a red ANNOYING. 
A Clicker will see the whole screen black ... and then how will you see the players?! Simple, you will see all black, but will also see the steps and the noise and then the movements of other players, as if the player were turned into Clicker are always in listening mode. 
A Bloater will have the same effect as Clicker, only those who can spit bubbles spores as in Single Player.

The idea is this. 
For maps you create to store closed, or why not, the outdoor enclosures. 
Well, you decide.


I hope very much that you read this idea.

P.S. = Oh, and between a level advancement and another you can simply to show that the player dies and then is reborn as a spawn point.



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Re: New Idea for The Last Of Us Online - Administrators Take A Look At This Post

Feb 15, 2014

Water gun mode.

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