Sep 11 2013
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Naughty Dog, I love the little things you did. Good Job

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This is my first time posting/being on these forums and I paused the game and picked up my phone just to post this.
Ive been playing The Last of Us these past few weeks on and off when I can. For games like these I try to enjoy every little thing I can. The most prominent thing I love that you guys have done with The Last of Us is:
Whenever I finish reading a note I've just picked up, Joel and/or Ellie will make a comment based on the contents of that note.

I play a lot of games that have books and notes scattered throughout and I love reading them but The Last of Us is the first one that I've played that had done anything like this. I love it because I feel like it's some sort of small reward for taking the time to read them. The short one-liners they say help make the experience for me because I really appreciate the attention of detail you guys have put in.

Naughty Dog I just want to say that you should keep doing this in your future products and you have done an excellent job on The Last of Us. As someone who previously wasn't interested in the Uncharted series, Im proud to day I will now be picking all of them up!
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Re: Naughty Dog, I love the little things you did. Good Job

Sep 11, 2013
Yeah ND are pros when it comes to attention to detail Smiley Wink
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