Jun 21 2013
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My one complaint about the multiplayer is...

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...the lack of maps. Why so few? I'm on week 18 and I'm already so sick of playing the same 4-5 maps. Would it be possible for Naughty Dog to make a free map pack? Release it before they start the Season Pass DLC. This would really expand the game for not only me, but a LOT of people. I absolutely love this game, but I don't know how much more I can keep playing the same maps over and over. 


What do you say Naughty Dog? Is it possible for you menly men to give us some more maps? I hope at least someone from the dev team sees these posts on the forums.


What do you guys think? 

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Re: My one complaint about the multiplayer is...

Jun 21, 2013
They gave a free map for Uncharted 2, maybe they will... Nah, forget it. Season Passes and all that **bleep** didn't exist back there.
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