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Re: My Game-Breaking Thought (and something else)

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Apr 30, 2013

II-SlimJim-II wrote:

dh0rmazine wrote:

II-SlimJim-II wrote:

Has anyone here played Bioshock Infinite?? Seriously, I had no issue with the fact that Elizebeth just goes off and hides during combat, why can't Ellie do the same?



Because I think that's boring. I want to feel like, when I'm playing, me and Ellie are in this together. If she just poof disappears whenever action arises, and poof reappears to stab a guy's back, that's not very advanced or groundbreaking at all - and that's all I've heard from Naughty Dog is that the AI will be extremely immersive and something to marvel at.


Ellie being able to take damage does not have to be equivalent to an escort mission. She'll be extremely capable by the looks of it. But whatever, maybe they'll make it based off difficulty. lol.

Well, I don't really think she should be capable in terms of trading haymakers with full grown men. It should be fight or flight, and I'm going to be disappointed if we end up with dozens of "hostage" situations through out the game because Ellie is too dumb to hide. Even worse is if enemies actually try to kill Ellie, I'm sorry but a 14 year old girl getting blasted in the face by a lead pipe, or getting shot by a revolver and surviving is much more immersive breaking than the same girl just hiding near Joel.


I can see that we have two totally different thoughts on what it could mean for Ellie to be vulnerable. I pray to Naughty Dog that Ellie never tries to get into a haymaker fight with a hunter. The hell. lol.


When I think of Ellie being vulnerable, all I imagine is that she evolves like any other human would. As we progress through the game and teach her how to survive, she becomes more and more capable to the point where she ends up surprising us with her skills.. That's all. I mean, why teach her to use weapons at all if she's going to hide in a closet and be untouchable? It could be solely for story and atmosphere, but I can't help but feel as though that would be a bit disappointing with how hyped up her AI has been. I want to feel like she's a human little girl, not just another AI. You know?


But whatever. I'm going to stop arguing the point. In the end ND will have done whatever they thought was best and I'll be happy with it.

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