Jun 19 2013
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My Apologies Naughty Dog...

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I was too quick to rush to judgement.  Though I found many things about The Last of Us that I loved, having played through the game almost halfway through, I had thought it was going to be less than most of the reviews had claimed.  I was wrong and I apologize!  This game is exceptional and Neil Druckman, Bruce Straley and the rest of the Naughty Dog team are to be commended.  The game continues to surprise me, the storyline is first rate and the gameplay just seems to get better and better the farther along it goes.  It's like somewhere along the line you suddenly realized what you had here and really stepped it up.  Yes, I wish it were more open world and I also wish it had been done more realistically (graphically) that it was, but that's really all that I would change.,  This is a great game.


Thank you Naughty Dog!  You're the best!  Smiley Happy

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