Aug 10 2013
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Multiplayer problems

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It seems that there are still problem with multiplayer even though ND already patched it up so here they are:


1. Friends in MP can't seem to join each other or party up they need someone to be a "relay" point to be able to play together.


2. Voice chat was getting really bad since last week. I played this game since launch and even finished everything on MP before errr.. I just finished the single player game last 2 days ago.. so yep I've been playing MP for a long time and now the communications on MP are just not there anymore sometimes I can't hear my teammates and sometimes I can hear them but they can't hear me so like wth so much for team work.


3. Getting randomly kicked out of an MP match for no reason it's just annoying like I got kicked 6 times out of 15 games that I played and I always get kicked out when there is 1 or 2 enemies left sometimes when the game is actually finished like it will show the score board and it will suddenly kick me out and I have hungry + Sick people on my clan. 


I hope ND fix this because these things are holding me back to buy the "DLC" even if it has singleplayer in it I really do enjoy this games and Uncharted series so please don't let us down ND.



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