Feb 15 2014
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Left Behind: GOTY nominee 2014 (Spoilers)

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Left Behind was one of the most amazing 2 1/2 hours of gaming and needs to be considered for GOTY, even though it's not a full fledge game per se.  The DLC is full of emotion and controversy and really pushes the boundaries of the video games.


Left Behind really upped the ante and put out a new standard in terms of visuals, gameplay, sound, acting, and story writting.  Everything from the lighting of the environments, to Gustavo's appropriate guitar music, to Ashley Johnson's acting, to script writting etc all just fits together so perfectly.  I don't think I've played a game where I really feel like I'm actually in their apocolyptic world.  The gem that this little ND studio has created rivals some major movie studio material.


The visuals in LB are a notch above TLOUs.  Remember TLOU was created over 2 years ago and it's been probably a year between TLOU and LB.  Technology (the tools to make the game, graphics, animation, lighting etc) have progressed.  Graphic artists have grown.


The little nuances of the game and attention to detail is top notch.  In the short span of the DLC, there are so much innovative game mechanics and gameplay.  From the photo booth that sends pictures to your real life Facebook account, to the water gun battle, to the visualized Street Fighter mini game, to making humans fight the infected.  I don't think any other studio in the world except ND, could think of these things.


ND was genius putting in the little girlmance scene.  I have never had such a "what the f!" moment in a video game, and maybe even a movie.  There's no right answer as to how Ellie feels for Riley.  It's pretty historical if you think about it and it will be a scene that will be talked about for years.  It will probably pave the way for more similiar liberal tones and scenes in video games.


Who needs a next gen console when you have a gem like this?



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